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BoleGaming™ was founded in 2012 in Singapore, it is a comprehensive interactive entertainment group that integrating research, development, operation and distribution with online games as the starting point. After six years of operation and development, BoleGaming™ now has three core businesses which are: Internet entertainment, Internet finance and film and television entertainment distribution.


BoleGaming™ is committed to constantly crossing the industry benchmark, seeking breakthroughs and self-realization leaps, and eventually become the industry leader, and jointly explore new industrial opportunities with our partners.


BoleGaming™ reconciles to both growth and value investment, and focuses on the internet in high technology for the long term. In the fields of innovative services and brands, new technologies and resources, and the investment stage cover all stages. Using the advantages of professional investment operation and risk control accumulated over the years is utilized to achieve the balance of high investment return and long-term stable operation.


BoleGaming™ with rich experience in game development, agent, distribution and investment, the team has accumulated extensive contacts and profound industry resources over the years, and its customers cover the whole Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. BoleGaming™ has been focusing on talent exploration and development for years, and we are committed to helping our employees improve their business capacity and achieve success. From career planning to on-the-job training, from real-time feedback to work practices, we are committed to help our employees to do their best. We attempt to help our customers discover the unique value of solutions and thus become their preferred partner.

Applicable device
  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows

  • Mac OS

  • HTML5

  • Mahjong

  • Poker

  • Slot

  • Arcade

  • Table

iTech Labs international authoritative organization certification
serial number: ITL1802045

iTech Labs international authoritative organization certification Random number generation (RNG) of BoleGaming™ has been certified by iTech Labs it's an international authority to ensure the randomness of licensing within the game, and comply with industry specifications and technical specifications.


BoleGaming™ is holding licenses issued by Philippines and Gibraltar regulatory authority and strictly comply with Southeast Asia and Europe regulatory standards.