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    Photo by: Play'n Go
  • Play’n GO is celebrating a different type of Halloween this year! Teaming up Swedish hockey champions, Växjö Lakers to help and support the Kronoberg Breast Cancer Association. By supporting this charity, it helps more victims of breast cancer and their family with support and counseling during their times of need.
  • There will be multiple activities with the help of Play’n GO and Växjö Lakers to promote this worthy cause; the entire October matches for Laker’s will be filled with Play’n GO branded pink helmets to raise awareness; the wives and girlfriends of the team will be selling bracelets during home matches. With all your love and blessings for the incredible women out there! Show your support and say GO PINK October!
    Photo by: Microgaming(MG)
  • On 29th of October MG+ have released a new feature for Titanium Live Dealer Baccarat Table which thoroughly features for Live Dealer mobile client specific. After the results of several rounds during the game, it will provide a specific pattern hint for players to predict the next round result. Players can quickly enter game in their own preferences.
  • Benefits when you step in the “Good Road Tips”
  • 1.Players decision-making process will accelerate

    2.Increase the number of active users

    3.Reducing user’s time length in game lobby

  • Since the launch of Fish Party in July 2016, the jackpot has been hit 22 times with more than €1.2 million in prizes. Recent jackpot win marks the third time in the last three months, and the ninth in 2018.
  • On Wednesday 17 October 2018 Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) Fish party have broken its own record with their biggest win. With the total amount of €317,849.78! The immense prize pool was shared across one Betsson Group and two RedKings players that took part in the 3-seater Sit & Go tournament.
  • The top spot with the largest amount of the prize pool worth of €158,924.89 was alias SipsCommin from RedKings. Second place from Betsson Group’s player Check_Norris received the prize pool worth of €95,354.93, followed by a RedKing player grndonick who took the third place worth of €63,569.96! What a tremendous amount for each player!
  • On September 28th the most anticipated Mega Moolah Jackpot have finally hit its massive jackpot! With a life changing amount of 18,9 million! According to Microgaming officials, the lucky winner hit the jackpot with a 75-cent bet on an Android mobile device.
  • In addition, Microgaming have also broke the record of 2015, becoming Guinness World Record’s “Largest Jackpot Payout in an online slot machine game!”
  • Starlet Awards is well known for its selection of the most innovative B2B supply chain companies in the iGaming business community. Based on specifically selected panel of industry experts with diverse experience to decide which products and innovations are the most outstanding in their field.
  • And guess who won the best Mobile Supplier of 2018’s 5 Star iGaming Media Starlet Award? That is right yours truly Play’n GO! Who was also ranked as the 2018 Premier Providers Central Eastern European Gaming (CEEG) Awards in Budapest. Play’n GO is truly building a strong empire among the iGaming industry! Within 2018 there have been 5 industry awards flowing into the hands of Play’n GO!
  • Play’n GO is truly conquering awards like a BOSS this year!
  • Throughout mid-September, the 2018 - 19 UEFA Champions League season has begun! Only the best teams from domestic leagues throughout Europe are qualified to compete. Acknowledged worldwide of its highest prize wealth among sporting events, it is defiantly the most glorious and influential international club competition.
  • Known for its many elite players, team Borussia Dortmund has a record of strong performances in the Champions League. They are eager to win more honors this year, with each player fully prepared to take on all opponents during the competition. The dedication from team Borussia Dortmund is defiantly determined and indestructible!
  • In 2018 in the Greater China region BBIN has officially become partners with BVB, offering their support to a team that’s in thirst for the ultimate glory. By being Asia’s leading brand in the online gaming industry, BBIN truly demonstrates a company full of impact not just in Asia anymore but internationally! Leading their global partners to the road of excellency and integrity!
  • Current blazing news! M+ Mega Moolah Jackpot has exceeded up to 80 million RMB and still on the rise! Known for its incredible payouts Mega Moolah Jackpot have become the central attention among players and merchants! Anticipation is building among the market, people are looking forward to the expanding ball to burst at any time now!  Don’t miss out this wave of fortune!
  • Microgaming’s first Asia based regional operating unit, MG. Asia has launched its new brand “MG+”. As a fresh starting point, MG+ have also prepared a tournament, with a starting point of ¥5,000,000 a total of 5 million RMB for their players to take home! MG+ is defiantly making a strong statement as a newly established brand in Asia, taking this opportunity to stimulate player’s bet amount and help them increase their profit earnings!
  • The MG+ ¥5,000,000 Championship began on September 26th, runs for eight weeks packed with daily and weekly champions. Top daily champions can win up to ¥5,000 and weekly champions up to ¥100,000! In a total of the calculation of 8 weeks, there will be the amount of 9,800 prizes to be won within the grand prize of 5 million! In addition to the daily and weekly competition, there will be a selection of a lucky number for an additional bonus prize! MG+ can’t wait for customers to make more profit!
  • MG+ Championship, ¥5,000,000 Details:
  • 1.Championship Duration

    Start: September 26th at 8 AM (Beijing Time)

    Ends: November 21st at 8 AM (Beijing Time)

  • 2.Championship Rules

    The leaderboards refresh every 15 minutes and reset every day at 08:00 AM.

    Daily prizes will be awarded to our winners every day at 10:00 AM.

    Weekly prizes will be awarded to our winners every Saturday at 10:00 AM.

  • 3.How to collect your coins
    Daily Leaderboard:

    For every 500 credits, you wager = 1 point

    For every 1000 credits, you win = 1 point

    Weekly Leaderboard:

    For every 1000 credits, you wager = 1 point

    For every 1500 credits, you win = 1 point

    Each day you play on eligible games = 20 points

  • 4.Participation Method


    Seat back and begin to collect your winnings

    Contact OMNI GAMING

  • Currently £12 million and still rapidly accumulating! A shocking announcement made earlier by Microgaming with MEGA MOOLAH’s prize pool has exceeded to £12 million!
  • The public is looking forward to receiving this grand prize, operating platforms will surely incline huge popularity! A great news like this should not be missed, inform your players, join the ranks and compete for the grand prize!
  • Over the past 4 years, The Global Gaming Awards powered by one of the most leading gaming publication Gambling Insider has quickly become a must-attend event and trusted award among the iGaming industry. Now it is running on its the fifth year, and the nominees of 2018 have finally been announced on August 17th.
  • With 12 industry-wide categories and voted on by an independent panel of 60 judges, the final shortlist announcement will be made on September 22nd. However, at this moment, OMNI Gaming would like to congratulate two of our amazing suppliers Betsoft Gaming, and Microgaming! Both being shortlisted for Digital Product of 2018, and Microgaming with another shortlisting of Digital industry Supplier of 2018! What tremendous news for both Betsoft Gaming and, Microgaming!
  • Earlier this year Play’n Go have partnered with Swedish heavy metal band ‘Candlemass’, together with the new form of a heavy metal slot game, House of Doom was formed to rock among the iGaming industry. A slot game that combines the beautiful essence of music and art truly made this game extremely unforgettable.
  • Through the popularity of this game, some attention was defiantly aroused, even the deputy editor of IGB (iGaming Business), Hannah Gannagé-Stewart visited the CEO of Play’n Go, JohanTörnqvist at Malta for a more exclusive interview about the creation of House of Doom.
  • As JohanTörnqvist expressed during the interview, Play’n Go have worked extremely hard to achieve the results in bridging the gap between physical and iGaming games. And mentions that they will continue to work hard towards bringing a whole new horizon in the iGaming industry, and continue to innovate and create a full range of products in the near future.
  • The Gaming Beat Charity known as (TGB Charity) was a three-month event that was held by BBIN and DJ Magazine which began in May 2018. They have invited well known DJ Fedde Le Grand to produce 3 original tracks for free downloads during FIFA 2018 World Cup that have reached millions of downloads for a charitable music event; global download count was reached a week earlier than planned.
  • By donating US$90,000 to the Top 100 DJs Foundation, BBIN hopes to contribute to this international charity through the influence of well-known DJs and influential electronic music brands.
  • Top 100 DJs Foundation was established during 2013 in the Netherlands. They have continued to donate and raise funds in recent years by working with international charitable organizations such as Ocean Clean up, Lymph &Co., and UNICEF. By providing a variety of emergency aid and helping vulnerable populations in different countries around the globe.
  • After the success of TGB Charity’s three months, an event that showed the approval given by a million people, BBIN will continue to hold a variety of international charitable events in the near future with love and support.
  • In order to comprehensively enhance user experience, and help operators to maximize time, and reduce cost in maintaining their website. Microgaming have carefully developed a new tool function that recommends game features automatically.
  • This new function tool is very simple, once the API access is completed, it will automatically update and display the latest games and recommended games every month. With this new function tool, players have more exposure to unexplored games, without a doubt offering users a very refreshing experience every month!
  • If you would like to know how to access to this tool, or want to know more about the details of the tool.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • During the incredible 31 days, and total of 64 remarkable games of FIFA 2018 World Cup, France astonished the world with the amazing triumph of 4:2 during their championship with Croatia. It was a phenomenal moment in FIFA, since it’s been 20 years that both France and Croatia were in semi-finals!
  • FIFA 2018 World Cup was full of surprises! First it was the unexcepted fall of Germany, who didn’t make it into top 16. Then the fall of the most anticipated team, Brazil who was defeated by Belgium during quarter final. And the rise of Russia (the host of FIFA 2018) who made it in to quarter-finals. FIFA 2018 World Cup have bought a lot of unexpected results, it must have been a huge surprise for buyers in the entertainment industry, which will be talked and remembered for decades!
  • FIFA 2018 World Cup have finally concluded, and preparations have already begun in Qatar for FIFA 2022 World Cup. Originally FIFA World Cup decided to expand the number of participating teams to 48 teams in 2026, but rumor has it that this plan will be implemented in advance during 2022 FIFA World Cup! If the rumor is true, the number of games will increase from the existing 64 games to 80 games, which will undoubtedly be a great boon for online entertainment industry!
  • The first iGB live! Exposition Conference will be a combination of past exhibits by iGaming Super Show, EiG and Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. It will be hosted at Amsterdam from July 17th to July 20th , it is considered as one of the biggest Exposition Conference that must be attended. All of the industry elites from all over the global are expected to flood in to Amsterdam!
  • Betsoft will also be participating (Booth Number: M14), and announced MaxQuest as the main product during the exhibit. Betsoft also stated MaxQuest as a genre-redefining game, designed with new principles of RNG gaming, and claimed that MaxQuest will open another milestone of a new generation in the iGaming industry.
  • For the ongoing 2018 World Cup, there are 4 changes to the Saba user interface.
  • They are “instant odds update”, “quick bet”, “responsive web design” and "collapsible side panels”.
  • 1.Instant Odds Updates using Push Technology

    With this new technology, latest odds are updated instantaneously. Users do not have to refresh the odds, therefore providing them more convenience.

  • 2.Quick Bet

    With this new widget, users can complete the betting process quickly with just a few clicks.

  • 3.Responsive Web Design (RWD)

    From now, the page display will adapt to users’ device screen size automatically. This will allow users to access the page without having to zoom or slide it. This will provide the best visual experiences for users.

  • 4.Collapsible Side Panels

    Side Panels are now collapsible. Users can customise their web layout to make the interface clearer and focus on these sports which they interested.

  • The biggest event of the year, 2018 FIFA World Cup, will begin in Moscow at 06:00 pm tonight (MSK, UTC+3). The first match will be played by Russia and Saudi Arabia.
  • In recent years, Russia have performed poorly in international competition and were not able to win any matches for the past seven games. Despite this, most bookmarkers are still optimistic that Russia be first match winner in 2018 FIFA World Cup.
  • With the kick-off world cup - OMNI Gaming are offering a MEGA discount of up to 31% for our customers. We hope that it will be a major booster to help our customer increase their revenue.
  • Someone just won the USD 1.77M through our Progressive Slot - Mega Moolah!MG guarantee on the full payment and congratulate to the player!
  • Join our progressive scheme! You Players may be the next Lucky one!
  • How does progressive works?
  • 1.It is Free to join the progressive Scheme, players immediately able to play all those Progressive games and win jackpot!
  • 2.In our game code document, we have all the details regarding the progressive game and PCA details.
  • 3.Every spin, there will be an amount of PCA put into the progressive pool( PCA will be slightly different for each of the game).
  • 4.We manage and guarantee on the full payout from our side!
  • Contact us for more info now!
  • To celebrate the biggest sporting event of 2018 (FIFA World Cup 2018), Omni Gaming to present to our loyal customer “World Cup 2018 Promotion” where we will be giving our loyal customers a massive discount of 9% to 31%.
  • To qualify for this promotion, you just have to 1- Launch CMD368 before 25 May. 2- Put up any World cup related promotion banner during the event from (14 June to 15 July).
  • To get to know more:
  • Please download this document.
  • To express their appreciation for their customers' enduring support, Spade gaming will be releasing their Mid Year Bonanza event - Step Up for Greater Success.
  • We sincerely believe that with this event you will be able to generate massive profits!
  • Promotion period will be on the month of May, June and July. During this event if you incurred more than 10% growth in your monthly GGR (calculated in USD), SG will only bill you based on last month billing.
  • To get to know more:
  • Please download this document.
  • OMNI Gaming and our suppliers are always concern about our operators’ performance.Therefore we will always research and plan for new promotions in order to ensure the greatest experience for our operators’ players. We hope to increase player loyalty in our games and create a word-of-mouth effect.
  • This month, one of our most popular games, Spade Gaming (SG) are conducting an event, which will release 100,000 red packs totally up to 1 million CNY for loyal players. And the best part is that you do not need to worry about forging out any cost, because all the prizes will be bear by SG!!!
  • A total of 15 slot games will be assigned to this promotion. Any players of participating operators will get the opportunity to grab up to 12 red packets on daily basis during the promotion. Player just need to reach a certain amount of bet in order to get limited red packs, thus we are expecting players' unrestrained betting.
  • The special Chinese New Year promotion offered by OMNI Gaming have now closed. We will review the results of the promotion and inform our valued partners their rewards.
  • In the coming days, we will continue to create more promotions for our client’s , so please stay tuned to our website to get the first hand information.
  • With this new feature, you can customize free games and rewards. The free games offer can be awarded to users as a way to incentivize them to play. The user is given a set number of spins offered on a specific game or group of games, which the operator pays for, and whatever the user wins is added to their cash balance.Operators are able to create New Free Game offer by using “AddFreeGameOffer” feature in the backoffice.
  • The system will supply the nearest cost per spin per each game according to the game betting definition.
  • 1.Recruit New Players

    You can reward newly registered players with this new feature to enlarge the potential market. You also can let your existing players recommend their friend to register a account to betting, then give them reward by this feature.

  • 2.Promotion Purpose

    You can create free games offer for promotion purpose during specific holidays or occasional events, to show how your service different with other operators.

  • 3.Retention of Players

    You can have the players’ information via back-office, including their profit or loss parameters, visits, bet counts and so on.Then, you can offer them rewards of free game depending on these information.

  • MG has released a feature, FREE GAME, to help merchants gain more players.
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