Omni Gaming is an exciting new company that is setup by a team of highly experienced gaming industry veterans.

This Is How We Think iGaming Should Be.

Games Direct Integration

Some games agency companies sets an aggregation platform (middleware) which stands in the way between your players and the games. To the opposite, our games will be directly integrate to client's iGaming platform to get rid of those clutters which reduce gaming experience, create additional bottlenecks and points of failure today!

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Games Management

Through OMNI Gaming, each integration is unique and direct, means you are empowered to manage the different games directly through the games back office, and not limited by the middleware's functionalities, which are usually much less than what the games vendor has.

Platform Operate Consultancy

We know the market, and most importantly, we know how to work with you to calibrate your iGaming platform for deliver the best games, most suitable for your target market.

Services And Support

We have the iGaming industry's most competent teams, delivering top-notch experience for painless integration, customer service and production support.

Our Mission

Omni Gaming is an exciting new company that is setup by a team of highly experienced iGaming industry veterans.
Our aim is for you to grow along side us by providing exciting iGaming products and very personalized service to you.
Ensuring your success will always be in our top most priority, so come join us now to make brighter future together.

The Team

Our sales team is made up of veterans who have been in gaming industry for more than 10 years. We will completely understand your needs and provide the best and possible solutions you desire.


Our marketing team is incorporated with different experienced marketing experts. We are confident to help you push your earnings to greater heights by providing insights on product knowledge and market research on promotions for the industry.

Product Integration

This department will assist you on all IT related matters during integration. The aim of this department is to deliver game environment in the shortest and most reliable manner.

Customer Service Support

A team of 24/7 English and Chinese speaking customer service office who will handle your enquires and urgency throughout the entire year!

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